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Character: Link

Series: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: Link is always seen wearing the green garb of the Kokiri, (although now, an adult-sized version of it) and, like the majority of his descendants, he has bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. As a Hylian, Link also has pointed elven ears. He wears a green tunic and hat, with a white shirt and leggings underneath. He also wears brown boots and brown gauntlets.The belt around his waist has three points, to hold both his pouch of items at his hips and to secure the scabbard of the Master Sword with a strap across his back. The Master Sword is important to note, as to a lesser degree is his knight's shield; both have a very distinct look and one can tell right away that the sword is something special. The blade is a double-edged longsword, lacking a fuller. It has a purple hilt and outstretching crossguard, reminiscent of the seal of Hyrule's Royal Family. A golden gem is embedded in the crossguard and the iconic Triforce-- three triangles touching at their edges --engraved at the base of the blade.

Personality: Link is adventurous and always quick to help those in need. As the bearer of the Triforce of Courage, it's obvious he earned it. Unfortunately, as Link went from a ten-year-old to a seventeen-year-old-- from his perspective --in a matter of minutes, he still has mostly the personality he did as a child. Not that this loss of time makes too much of a difference to how he himself acts as a person, even as a kid the serious situations he has faced have matured Link in many ways. However, he still has a good deal of the nativity he had as a child, shown in canon as he was oblivious to Nabooru's comments about him turning into a handsome adult.

Link is very friendly and generally accepting and trusting. He can be a little gullible because of this, but he's cautious if someone seems shady. Being very sympathetic and selfless towards others, it's easy for him to grow fond of people. Although, he does have some anxiety having to carry his title as the Hero of Time, being a humble person, he feels that because he has to be the hero he should know what a hero should say. He...honestly doesn't half the time, and will say what feels right or else refrain from talking at all.

Even with all the constant fighting and adventure, Link is a very laid-back young man. Being raised by Kokiri, he has a fondness for the forest and music especially. While playing certain songs on the Ocarina of Time that Zelda entrusted to him had great power in Hyrule, he would just as quickly play them for simple enjoyment as well.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Wielding the Blade of Evil's Bane, Link is able to harm those of extreme evil with his Master Sword. As he shows even as a child with a small Kokiri sword, Link has talent and began developing skill as a swordsman over his journey to save Hyrule. Now at seventeen, he also has the physical strength to back-up what he's learned. Along his adventure, he has obtained several other weapons, such as a bow and arrows (And a small magic capacity to imbue an arrow with fire or ice), silver gauntlets that give him increased strength when equipped, and a bag for storing bombs. He even gained the mirror shield, letting him reflect light as well as block attacks. A blessing he receives known as Din's Fire allows Link to send a burst of magical fire out from around him; this is about the length of his magical abilities however, and can be taxing if over-used.

As a person, Link has earned his Triforce of Courage for being tenacious in the face of danger and great enemies. He is very noble and will jump into action to help those in need. He also isn't a stupid boy, having solved perilous puzzle after puzzle. If a fight needs strategy, he can think on his feet very well.

Weaknesses: As far as sword-fighting is concerned, Link's only defense is his shield. He can certainly take some damage, however, but he does have his breaking point. If you can catch him off guard, or out-maneuver him in speed or strength then you'll have the upper-hand.
The main thing to keep in mind is that Link is a fighter and concentrates in battle. If for some reason his concentration is broken, his fighting will get increasingly sloppy.

Another thing to consider is that Link is charged with the heavy task of being the Hero of Time, and while he has faithfully risen to the title, it can't possibly be easy having the weight of the world on his hands. He knows he has to save Hyrule, but knowing that and knowing HOW are two different things. His confidence in himself can be wounded; and, in a way, this is partly why he is as determined as he is. In his mind, Link HAS to succeed and failure means others will get hurt. Any guilt over the suffering of others can be rather damaging to his psyche.

History: Link was born to a Hylian mother during the bloodshed of the Hyrulean Civil War. She fled into the Lost Woods to save her baby and the Great Deku Tree could sense that Link's fate would effect the entire world, so he took the child in to raise as a Kokiri. His mother, sadly, died shortly after from wounds she received in the war.
Link spent his childhood among the Kokiri, not knowing of his Hylian heritage. While mostly accepted, Link was something of an odd-one-out, as all Kokiri have a fairy partner and Link did not.

That is, until one day when Navi the fairy is sent to guide him. The Great Deku Tree explains to Link that he is dying of a curse set on him by an evil man, and Link ventures inside the Deku Tree to destroy the curse. He succeeds, however the Great Deku Tree still dies, using his last words to tell Link he must stop the evil man from getting the Triforce. Link then ventures out into the world beyond the forest, and meets with Princess Zelda, who explains the man after the power of the Triforce is called Ganondorf. She forms a plan with Link to stop him, and Link sets out to collect the keys to the Temple of Time to keep the Triforce safe; breaking each curse set upon those with the sacred gems that serve as the temple's key. Once the three gems are collected, Link heads to Hyrule to meet back up with Zelda, only to see her and her guardian Impa racing out of castle town on horse back, followed in pursuit by none other than the evil Ganondorf. Link draws his sword, only for Ganon to laugh and easily blast him aside, racing on after the princess.
Link continues on with their plan, opening the doors to the Temple of Time... and finds the Master Sword. He pulls the sword from it's pedestal and suddenly finds himself being awakened seven years in the future. The Sage of Time explains that when he opened the Temple Ganon was able to get inside and take the Triforce. However, the Triforce broke into three pieces, leaving Ganon with one piece, that of Power, and the other two, Wisdom, and Courage, hiding in the bodies of those chosen to bear them. The sage tells Link that because he was too young to wield the Master Sword and defeat Ganon, he was sealed within the Temple until he would be able to save Hyrule.

Now a seventeen year old, Link set out into the devastated land of Hyrule, ravaged by the now KING Ganon's rein. He aids each of the races with the torments laid upon them and awakens all six of the Sages able to seal Ganondorf and his evil power away. Just as Link enters Hyrule Castle, intent on breaking it's barriers and finally vanquishing the cause of all of the countries' woes....

Link finds himself walking into the entrance to the city of Paixao.
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